Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Break out the Mashed Potatos and Ice Cream

Mini-Husband is reminding me of my Daddio this morning.

He's got this big gap where his two front teeth used to be and it take me back to the years of waking up Daddio before he had time to put his false front teeth in.

Only difference is that Daddio lost his front teeth to a baseball and Mini-Husband lost his to a dentist with furry leopard print picture frames on her desk.

He was trooper through the whole experience. And I, luckily, didn't faint either while watching her numb his little gums and yank out those two teeth.

One was already teetering on quitting the rest of the pack but Mini-Husband's precious black tooth (made so by The Princess, her boyfriend at the time and a hula-hoop last year) was firmly planted in his gum so the dentist had to wrestle with some pliers type tool to remove it from it's snug place in the front of his mouth.

"One more good yank oughta do..."

The Tooth Mouse made his reappearance last night and luckily everything went as it should. No lost teeth, no lost money. Much to the Mouse's (or rather Mice's) relief. Now it's just a question of getting the little man to the flower store. He'd like to use the money to buy a packet of sunflower seeds.

If only I could stop giggling and tearing up when he says, "seeds."


magali said...

Mouse money to buy sunflower seeds ? I love Mini husband !
Most of the kids would buy candies with that (and I kept it and bought books ;-))
Glad everything went well and enjoy the ice cream!

RHB said...

Happy Planting!Now you know you're going to get teary when the sunflowers bloom!

diane said...

I don't think it was a baseball. Wasn't it from playing some crazy game that was a combination of football, rugby, volleyball etc. Those crazy Mounties!!!!

Sue said...

I hope you took photos of the little whistler because I'd love to see him sans teeth.