Friday, April 25, 2008

The Adventures of the Somnolent Queen

Once upon a time, just after NCIS finished around 11pm, the beautiful Somnolent Queen decided to take herself to bed. As you do.

Curled comfortably next to her King, she drifted easily into a peaceful sleep. Unfortunately for her, Cinderphon decided to announce his midnight arrival at the castle with a full rendition of the Coventry Cathedral Bells.

The Queen went fumbling down the stairs, quick as a lick, to stop Cindyphon from waking the servants and poor villagers that live near the castle. After a few squirts from the magic water bottle, Cindy stopped his singing and peace was restored.

The Queen climbed back into bed, snuggled her King once again and drifted off towards the lovely Land of Nod.

Roughly at the moment when the birds are beyond snug in their nests, 1am as it's known, The Princess of the Castle decided that she was growing. And she was sure that this growing business hurt. Lucky for her, The Queen had a magic potion that banishes the pain and tastes ever so good with a cup of water.

That magic having been dispensed, The Queen once again went off to her bed, back to snuggling her King, ready to check out the latest sales in the Coma Mall.

Just about the moment when all the world should be asleep, (except across the big blue Ocean, where villagers were getting ready for Survivor, CSI, and Lost,) The Prince of Bubba-Love decided it was time to play.

Time to play, to talk, to cry, to talk a little louder, fight with his blankets, and talk some more. He demanded his favourite servants, Balamory and Cars, only to be told they were sleeping. The Prince didn't take this very well and decided to see if screaming a little bit louder would wake them.

The Queen tried to calm him, tried to set him back in his crib, only to be faced with more crying, more screaming, more demands for Bear in the Big Blue House.

Fustrated and tired, The Queen was saved by her ever true Knight in Shining Armor. He, The King, kindly went to speak to the little Prince and explain in quiet tones, the ways of the sleeping kingdom.

He took the Prince in his arms, cuddled and hugged him, till the sleepiness began to creep into The Prince's eyes. The King carefully placed the drowsy boy back in his royal crib and on tippy toes went to the leave to room.

As he closed the door behind him, The King (and the Queen who was hiding under her duvet,) heared The Prince start his crying all over again. Only louder.

Which would have been fine if you wanted to be woken at this hour, say if you are a postman or a boulanger, but for royalty, 4am was too early to start the coffee machine.

Somewhere through the magic of fatigue and incredibly thick pillows over The King and Queen's ears, sleep was finally restored to the castle.

Just in time for the alarm clock to signal the start of the day.


magali said...

Maybe that's Prince Bubba-love cries that awoke this Princess way too early this morning.

Hopefully Her Majesty the Queen will find a way to the Land of Nod during the day.

Dig said...

The Queen will be happy if she can just find her way to the land of caffine!

RHB said...

Bravo for the heroic knight in shining armour King's efforts anyway! Hey, less than 2 hours til we can have that glass of wine that signals the end of the day and the soon coming (but not soon enough) night!

diane said...

What does somnolent mean anyway?

Sue said...

This too shall pass...I'd go for red wine...

kissmekaty said...

Did the Queen mark the calendar, She seems to forget the King is an incredible man! ;) xoxoxo

p.s. Dave, you owe me!

Kelly said...

And they lived happily ever after?

I love it.