Thursday, April 17, 2008

In Praise of A Couch

It's funny what thoughts go rolling through your head just before you fall asleep. Your mind wanders in and out of your own personal Wal-Mart type place, with all kinds of things to look at, aisles to get lost in, promotions that you would never have imagined.

Today, I found myself wandering through the furniture section of my near-coma superstore, inspired by the comfortableness of my own well loved canape. To the couch section I went. For no particular reason and no particular rhyme.

We had an old yellow couch when I was growning up. I can't remember if it was comfortable, but I remember it being tall. Tall enough for me to hide behind it and watch M*A*S*H after I was supposed to be in bed.

When the family room got redone, the parents sprung for a fabulous dark blue sofa. It was soft and lush, with cushions that would literally hug you back when you sat down. Impossible to not feel wanted, loved, and almost smoothered by it's cotton embraces. I can still see my mother vividly laying on that beauty, begging me to just let her be for 20 minutes.

When I made it out in the wild world on my own, I sprung for a double futon couch with a dark green mattress. Amen for my brother-in-law, Mister Clean, who was able to get that thing put together somehow. I used to sit on it with Luna on one side and Spicer (my first of several psycho rescue dogs) on the other as we would watch "Weekend At Bernie's" everynight for almost 2 years.

Hubster's pride and joy from his swinging single bachelor days was a black leather couch. I had no idea how or where such a couch would fit into our lives. But who knew how easy it would be to clean up baby vomit from the same spots where beer was spilled all those years before?

Our current couch is an Ikea sofa sleeper with removable covers, so in theory being easy to clean. Of course, our cleaning lady is just seriously lazy and rather than washing said covers today, decided to lay down on them and go memory shopping at the Coma Mall.

She decided to profit from the rare moment when all the world is at peace and just laid her head down between the various stains, inhaling the smells of this morning's chocolate brioches and milk left behind by the tribe. Slowly, happily, strolling through the aisles of her mind.

Bubba-Love had other plans.

"Attention Shoppers! Blue Light Special in the Crying Baby Department!"


hubster dave said...

Spilt beer? Whoever said anything about spilt beer? An Englishman doesn't spill his beer, its far too vauable!

diane said...

Sue and Sean still have that blue couch. I hope they don't boot it after the renovation is done. I'd kill for that thins. Best napping ever. NOt as good as hiding from scary movies at the yellow one...

Sue said...

We've got plans for that couch. It will remain a mainstay in the Mangan household for napping years to come.

Dig said...

Sue: Book me in then, say for the Sunday after KK's wedding!

kissmekaty said...

Didn't I sell you that futon when I turned thirty and got a real bed?!? xoxoxooxox

RHB said...

D had a black leather couch too from his bachelor days, but I made him sell it. :) Who knew it could have come in handy with kids?