Monday, April 7, 2008

Walking Like I'm 80

There is a moment when you are running around the same industrial area that you begin to question your logic and motivation for wanting to run a half marathon.

Wondering why on earth you've decided to pay for the pleasure of making yourself feel like throwing up in front of 75 strangers, the pleasure of finishing nearly dead last, and the fabulous pleasure of not being able to fully extend your thigh muscles today.

Ah, the joys of long distance running. I promise you all this now, I will never run a marathon. Ever.

It must be said, that even though the race wasn't the most brilliant in terms of scenery or atmosphere, it turned out good in the end.

When I needed the psychological boost the most, Hubster and the tribe were there, waiting and yelling for me. The smiles from The Princess and Mini-Husband were golden. Bubba-Love's little wave nearly brought tears. And the fact that Hubster had gotten them all there dressed and on-time sent spasms of joy down my spine. Oh the love!

Of course, I had to surpress the feeling of wanting to puke until I had run around the corner. Don't think that would have inspired any of them to see mommy in that sort of state.

Luckily, I had some good running company yesterday. Notably my friend, Saint Theresa, who was running the half with me.

By the grace of God, she showed up on the third lap and helped me stay the course through the empty streets. I couldn't have finished the race without her. We managed to hold it together long enough to get to the finish line, where we both nearly collapsed with relief. It was over. Respectably over in 1:58.

Did I mention how even with that finishing time, we were nearly last? Note to self: don't sign up for small speedy races. Ever.

Magali's 10K race started as we finished so I was able to regain composure just in time to yell good luck to her and my other two friends, The Beautiful Verison of Julia Child and The Professeuse, as they took off for their own exciting jaunt through the industrial park. All three finished the race in respectable times, relieved to be done, and only a tad worse for wear.

Did I mention that even though Julia Child finished in 55:48, Magali and The Prof in an hour, they were also in the last group of finishers? Note to self: never sign up for a 10K national qualifying race. Ever.

It was only fitting that as non-competative competitors we finished the day in style. Fabulous amounts of Mexican dip, chili, champagne, and Coronas. This is the reason I like racing. The pure gluttonly after with wonderful friends and family around. (Thank you for that, you wonderful people, you.)

I'm going to go limp my way through the day and try not to think about running for a few days. Well, that's not true. I want to relish the fact that managed to run a half in under 2 hours.

This from a woman who hated running in high school and college. This from a woman who's popped out three kids. This from a woman who would rather be drinking wine while sitting on a lounge chair.

This, from me. Who cares if I was nearly dead last?

Run on, Dig. Run on.


diane said...

Yeah, you should stick to the Clyde's 10 k where the beer after is free. Whoops. Forgot you don't live here.

Dig said...

I forgot to mention the free red wine offered after the run? Silly me. ;)

Got a 10K for us in August?

Sue said...

I'm so proud!!! It makes me want to just go out and run...except that its rainy, chilly and my achilles is really bothering me this morning...sigh. Maybe tomorrow...

Dig said...

Thank you. XOXO I still can't believe I made it around that third time. We'll run when I'm stateside.

Stephanie said...

WooHoo! Good job! I admire your committment. I find anything that I have to concentrate on for more than about 30 minutes to be terrribly difficult. And your kids got to see you do it! Awesome!

Kelly said...

Wow, I am so proud of you. That is a major accomplishment. Congrats!


RHB said...

you did it! way to go!!!!!!!!1

ckweirath said...

Congratulations, Karen! That is awesome! Never say never on the marathon. I might have to convince you to do one with me.