Friday, March 28, 2008


I'm here thinking through our day in Paris yesterday and remembering how magical it seemed to me the first time I was there. Waiting for the elevator up the Eiffel Tower, seeing the view across Paris, and listening to the world talk to their friends around me on the platform.

Nothing's changed in 28 years.

Only this time, it was Mini-Husband's eyes who were wide with wonder, The Princess's laugh as she chased the pigeons in the snack-bar on the second level, and Bubba-Love's name for the elevator, the "train in the sky."

We lucked out by having our friend Magali with us. An extra set of arms to hold a curious child up to the view. An extra voice to help explain how and why this tower exists. An extra witness to the wonder.

Mini-Husband was a bit loath to leave Paris at the end of our day. He tried to attach himself to a street post, begging to be left there. His face fraught with concern that he will never see Paris again.

How can you explain to a 6 year old that Paris exists, breathes, is, always? How can you exlpain to this child living in France that all roads will most likely lead him to Paris? How can you tuck a little bit of this first Parisian magic into his pocket so that someday if he's living there, he can feel the wonder and awe again when he may need it most?

Quick, go chase the pigeons! Let's watch them fly!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Mini-husband remembers that he was almost named Paris.

Dig said...

There must be something to that. Wonder how The Princess will feel about Munich? ;)