Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pouvoir d'Achat

There is nothing like shopping in England to make you realize just how expensive some things are in France.

For example, you should have seen the happy dance I was doing in Boots when I saw Bubba-Love's nappies at about half the price I pay at home. Then there was the sign: Buy one pack of wipes, the second pack FREE! What? A second pack FREE!?!? Quick, I'll take 4!

Then there were the deals in the shampoo and soap section! Buy 2, get the 3rd FREE! What?!!? I quickly sent The Princess over for a one of those little kid trolleys so we could fill it up with shower creme, bath soak, and shampoo. Talk about mana from the heavens!

Hubster and I also had a quick jaunt through Marks and Spencer where Hubster was able to basically outfit himself for the year for about £40. We're talking a couple of shirts, enough underpants for me not to have to do laundry during the week, and brand new matched-up already socks. All for around £40!!

Man, oh man! Talk about the joy of being in England's green and pleasant land!

I'm all a twitter right now and we haven't even been to the grocery store yet!!! Tesco here we come!


ckweirath said...

You think London is cheap!?! You definitely need to come home and see how far your money goes! I was in London in February & could barely afford my traditional magnet b/c everything was so expensive.

Sue said...

With the US dollar this weak, stuff here is really cheap for you!

diane said...

Yeah, you could fill up a plane with stuff for cheaper then you can shake a stick at. Plus, you can stock up on some Patton originals.

Kelly said...

A trip to the grocery store? Heavenly.

Nomad said...

Boots & Tesco's *sigh* can I send you my list?

RHB said...

Love the video!!!!!!! I'm a little green with envy about all the shopping that you're doing- I bet the three littlest Clarks are with the grandparents too. Smart girl! You can do more shopping that way!

diane said...

WOW amazing