Thursday, March 6, 2008

It's A Good Day

Once when I was bout 15, I told my middle sister that if I wasn't related to her I don't think I would have wanted to be friends with someone like her.

I don't remember why I said that at the time. I just remember being in her old silver Chevrolet Chevette wondering why on earth I had to deal with her in my life.

I've since realized that God works in mysterious ways.

The summer just after she started dating the man who would become her husband, my middle sister and I drove across the US together. We spent weeks on the road at various campsites, hotels, and national wonders.

Mesa Verde will live in both our hearts forever, not just for it's incredible silent beauty, but for my own sobbing hysterics over my grade school principal.

I'm sure my sister at that point was wondering why on earth she had to deal with me in her life.

There is a four year gap between us. But as time passes, those years shrink to nothing and now as we stumble upon our middle years, I feel we are almost the same. We are both mothers and wives, a tad bit disorganized, and way too honest.

Her husband and mine are near carbon copies of our father. Ironic how that has happened. Perhaps listening to her talk about her future husband on our trip impacted me more then I could have expected.

Perhaps I should blame her for my 'flight' feeling when in a conflict. Just ask our older sister. She and I both knew it was easier to give in or hide then try and fight it out. Hence, why middle sister is such a good lawyer. And why I am so good at hiding in the mountains.

My middle sister is courageous, caring, inspired, hysterical, open, spiritual, thoughtful, direct, willing, sensitive, and alive. I don't know where I'd be without her in my life.

But I do know why I'm friends with her. And it's not just because she's my sister.

Happy Birthday to you, my insane social butterfly of a sister.


Sue said...

What a nice entry for today!!! The B Day girl is sitting in front of a pool in Vegas with her shades on and a drink in her is good! HB DiDi!

sean said...

Ah yes... The "We are sisters who are friends" trip with the sound track of Les Misérables.

OK everyone for a loud chorus of Master of the House

Hapy Birthday DiDi!!!

hubster dave said...

Knew there had to be a reason for such a brown-nosed post!!!

Hippy burpday Di-Di!!!

Kitty said...

that was beautiful i am tearing up haha it was great karen i loved it