Sunday, March 9, 2008


Let's start with the moral of the story:

When a child is bleeding from the head, just go to the emergency room.

Yesterday, as I sat here pondering what wonderful words were going to be used in my blog, Bubba-Love took a sliding dive into the edge of the door frame. I could tell by the intensity of his crying and the blood pouring from the back of his head that something was up.

A couple of phone calls to the French medical service and Bubba-Love and I were on our way to the local on-call doctor. After sitting in her waiting room for an hour, Bubba-Love playing happily with my car keys and only marginally seeping blood during that time, she took one look at his boo-boo and sent us on to the hospital.

The visit to the emergency room took all of 10 minutes. We were ushered straight to an examining room and the doctor and nurse arrived almost immediately after. They cleaned off the blood and before I knew it, they had stapled Bubba-Love's boo-boo back together.

Yes, staples. Three lovely little staples in my little guy's head.

Bubba-Love is a trooper with all this. He cried for a bit immediately after but by the time we reached the door of the examining room to leave, he had stopped. He's a tough little guy.

Today, he's himself. Running around the house on Pooh Car, demanding to watch "Cars" and fighting with his siblings.

A right little terror with a Frankenstein touch holding him all together.


Stephanie said...

Glad to hear Bubba is doig better. Kids are resilient. It's the parents who need time to recover! Speaking of, we are having a quiet at-home day after the fun yesterday. I have 2 tired girlies.

kissmekaty said...

Wow!! Was last night a two bottle night? xoxoxo

Sue said...

I hate to say this...given the nature of the beast...this probably won't be the last round of staples in his little life. Being a quick recoverer may be a skill that comes in handy. Thank God it wasn't a concussion!

Dig said...

Concussions...that's his mother's realm!

I just keep telling myself it's good to understand the system with a non-urgent urgency.