Monday, March 10, 2008

Auntie Em! Toto!

Goodness me, it's windy out there today!

According to the French weather service, there is a huge storm blowing off the Atlantic, slamming into the west coast of France. They've called for winds gusting up to 14o kph (87 mph) and several departements are under a severe weather alert.

The amazing thing is, we are MILES from the west coast but it sounds as if our roof is well and truely being freed from the ties that bind. Every crack, bang and boom has me jumping nervously to the window to see if there are any tiles flying around the garden.

I had thought about putting some clothes outside to dry this morning, but when I saw that the clothes rack had flipped over and started dancing on all limbs towards the front gate, I figured maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all.

Not too long ago, Anouk came out of the dog house for a couple of minutes to bark at the trash bin. The wind was flapping the lid up and down and Anouk seemed convinced that her mighty Siberian bark would make it stop. When the wind finally toppled the whole bin over, Anouk tucked tail and ran as fast as a greyhound back to the dog house. Typhon glanced over at her with that, "you're such a silly dog" look on his face.

I can hear the wind whistling down the chimneys now, blowing our fires hot and furious. It's howling out there and I am really glad we live miles from the western coast.


diane said...

Sounds like the same storm that I flew through on my way home from Vegas. Kinda hard not to hurl!!!

Sue said...

I do believe we had it at the end of last week. Big time winds blowing. For me its a great excuse to sit tight with a book and read...(I have no kids to chase...)

diane said...

There was a picture in the Sun today of the seafoam that had blown up in some part of the Western French coast. Unbelievable amounts. I guess it was pretty windy.

diane said...

talking trask cans ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! typhon probably was going to try barking at it next but then relized it wouldnt work because anouk didnt scare it

Sue said...

hahah Meghan cant spell... well neither can i so... Yea mom didn't have kids to chase, we were all outside being blown around. :)