Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fair Weather Four Legged Friends

We finally have a snowstorm here and I am beyond excited.

I couldn't wait this morning to get out there with Anouk and Typhon for a nice romp in the snow.

But you know what? My huskies, a breed bred to live in the artic, have no desire to get out of their dog houses.

I knew it was bad when Typhon skipped his usual sing-along at noon. He even decided to not make the effort when the fire siren went off .

Guess this means I really should reconsider my dream of running them in the Iditarod


Stephanie said...

Tell those wimps that coddled house dog was out there chasing snowflakes and having a blast! That is too funny!

Sue said...

You may want to temper those expectations. Anook is a far better bike pulling, cow running sort of dog anyway. Typhon really might be better at karaoke.

Kelly said...

Oh, you NEED to be in the Iditarod. My kids are getting into it, and would be more so if they "knew" one of the mushers.

We're having a bit of a competition with the other 5th grade class. Our class is behind Cim Smyth, the other class is Jessie (can't remember her last name). I see Scott is doing well too. Awesome!

Kitty said...

hey karen thats how snickers is and she is part huskey, well maybe they are wimps untill they figure out they have to run and put their heart into it..... or they get so exsited when they think they are going somewhere hooked up to something that they forget the cold and the snow!!!