Saturday, March 8, 2008

The New World Opening

The miracles have started.

Last week, it was with a poster in the dentist's office.

The other day, it was with a birthday party invitation.

This morning, it was with a wine bottle left on the table from dinner.

Mini-Husband has started to unlock the mystery of reading. He's putting letters together, sounding them out and finding the treasure buried between the consonants and vowels.

The magic of the moment when the sounds become a word that he knows in his imagination. These lightening flashes of insight make him shine with joy, eager for more.

He can read. He can read!


magali said...

Congrats to Mini-husband !
That's a great step... and apparently one that can keep you busy all life long ;-)
Are you amazed he reads in French ? and when will you be starting to feed him English books ?

Sue said...

The age of enlightenment! You can no longer stretch the truth about what something says. You'll get caught every time. You can also prove it when you are right. I recall reading that this phonetic awareness happens about the same time if more than one language is involved. Bummer...won't be able to fool him in English before too long...

kissmekaty said...

The days of spelling out secrets is GONE! hahahaha xoxoxoxo

Kelly said...

Coming from a reading major....HOORAY! This is truly a magical time, and even more wonderful for him, I'm sure. It's so cool to think about all the adventures he'll go on and places he'll get to go through reading. How fun. Enjoy!