Friday, March 21, 2008

Loading the Roof Box

I've had Pat McCurdy's song stuck in my head all morning. Now, I realize, there are probably quite a few of you out there who have no idea who Pat McCurdy is. But, if any of you spent any time in Wisconsin or Minnesota, there's a chance you know the fellow in question.

Basically, he's this fabulous crazy guitar player who's songs get stuck in your head for years, like this one, Rich, Young, Pretty and Tan.

I remember clearly one night, sitting in front of Memorial Union at Marquette listening to him sing his song about going on vacation with his family. Me and my cohorts laughed over our beers and sang along as loud as we could. And now, everytime I start packing bags for a trip, I'm singing that song:

I'm on vacation,
With mom and dad.
Ten days in hell...

Scary thing is, that now, 15 years later, I'm the mom and it's my kids who will be complaining in the back seat:

We're on vacation,
With mom and dad
Hours in the car,
I'm feeling sad.

Let's just hope The Princess, Mini-Husband and Bubba-Love don't throw-up this time. That's just not material for a beer drinking song, if you ask me.


Kelly said...

Hey sister, whatcha doin'?

Dig said...

Bar BE QUEing!!!! It's MEMORIAL DAY!!!!

God, I louve you. XOXO

Katie Fries said...

Here's hoping for a puke-free journey!

ckweirath said...

"I'm artistic...I'm an artist...And I'm much better than you!"