Monday, March 3, 2008

The Affair

I was unfaithful today.

I cheated on my usual grocery store.

I had decided to spice up my life this morning by heading off to another store, one I've only been to a handful of times.

I had hemmed and hawed over the decision as I sat behind the steering wheel. I knew I was taking a risk, maybe not finding what I really needed at the other store, maybe not even finding fresh milk, which for some reason is a rarity in French shopping culture.

But I did it anyway.

And as I arrived, I saw tons of construction vans parked in the lot. All kinds of workmen busy with paints, ladders, and tools. The store was closed for renovation.


As I pulled out of the parking lot and headed towards town, I thought why not go ahead and try another store that had caught my eye. I had already strayed once, hadn't I?

I drove on only to arrive at the next store, which for some reason had a parking area full of policemen. I didn't think they would be too keen on me interrupting their business just for my own quest for milk.

So with that, I moved on and sheepishly pulled into the parking lot of my normal grocery store.

Like a true love, it welcomed me with open arms. It even kindly offered a simple token of it's fidelity, a parking spot right next to the entrance.

Damn it all.


Stephanie said...

What a joy - shopping in France. :) I am glad that it worked out for you. I chose a store for a particular item and they were out! ARGH! Glad you were successful.

Sue said...

Hopefully it was a nice day for a drive!

magali said...

seems that you are not the cheating type ;-)

Kitty said...

wow can you say karma it knows when you were cheating wow grocery stores have eyes