Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Two of Them

Mini-Husband and The Princess tried to tell me they are twins tonight.

I had to explain to them that since they actually are 16 months apart, they really didn't qualify as twins.

"Yeah, and we aren't both boys," Mini-Husband piped in.

"You could still be twins and be a boy and a girl," Mooster responded.

"But, we aren't twins," said The Princess. "We're not the same age."

"That's right. We're not twins. We're twuns," stated Mini-Husband.

Twuns. Twuns?

"That's right. Twuns are like twins only the bigger one is born 16 months before other one."


Twuns. Who knew.


diane said...

maybe you could tell them they are French twins, not to be confused with irish twins wo are 11 mths apart.

kissmekaty said...

I have a brother and sister who are Irish twins!! Nice one, Diane!

xoxoxoxox K

Kitty said...

Maybe they are a tag team. You know, "it's your turn to get Mom crazy."

Stephanie said...

Now I have a term to use with all of those people who tell me that it was like they had twins! Please thank your people for me. It IS a funny story.

Coach Kevin said...

I hate the French! I hate everything about the French! They are all cowards! If it wasn't for the Americans, they would all be speaking German today. Send the Mooster to the states soon. She has a 50 Fly to swim

Dig said...

Coach Kevin: I hate swimmers! All swimmers! If it wasn't for goggles their eyes would be all red and bloodshot! Mooster'll be back when she's ready. Till then, simmer down and go have a, I mean a Stella!