Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And So It Goes

I hate when you have too much time to think about something coming your way, you get all giddy and whacked about it.

It's like when you wait for the riders in the Tour de France. You stand by the road for hours, waiting with anticipation for the pelaton to pass and then BAHM. Three seconds later, they've come and gone and all you're left with is a collection of beer openers and cheap hats thrown at you from the back of a car shaped like a sausauge.

Granted, the free laundry soap samples have come in very handy, but is having ten free loads of laundry really worth standing 4 hours next to a road sign marked, "Decharge Interdit?"

The upside is that the nice smelling laundry (as well as the rest of Mooster's undies) will remind us of the good time we had waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting.

Viva la Tour!

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