Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Accomplice

It's bad enough when your own dog starts hauling your knickers out to the front lawn for all and sundry to see, but what's worse is when your aunt's dog hauls it out, chews it to bits, and then goes back for more.

Of the 10 pairs Mooster brought with her, at least 3 have been destroyed. At first I was suspicious that Typhon was up to his old tricks, but we've discovered that the culprit is the newest beast at the B&B.

I have to admit, the pup's got good taste. She's going for the brand new American undies, rather than the old ratty knicks the rest of us have.

I had a hard time figuring out how Abaka was getting hold of the laundry since I've been cautious with the basement door since Typhon's crime spree. Well, it turns out Anouk, with her climbing ability, isn't the only agile dog chez nous.

Seems Typhon has figured out how to open the basement door handle. I'm thinking we should rename him MacGyver and install a 24/7 dog cam.

Good news for Mooster is that we can actually lock the basement door so the remaining 7 pairs of undies might have a chance of making it back home in one piece.

Can you imagine if the three of them had opposable thumbs?

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diane said...

What is it about her underwear? Snick has had at it several times,which is why she had so many new pairs for Abeka to get at. Here the dog got them because Megs room is a mess. At least I am pretty sure Snick isn't opening any doors.