Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Merci, Cindy!

It's a well known fact in our family that I learned how to drive on the "Mister Toad's Wild Ride" at Walt Disney World.

The ride is now defunct, but the spirit of dodging curbs and obstacles will live on in my daughter. Let's just hope that "Autopia" gives The Princess a better driving base than Mister Toad gave me.

It seems that careening towards a woman carrying plates caused me to laugh in hysterics. Not a good reaction to learn behind the wheel, and hence, my 3 totaled cars.

My future worries over car accidents aside, The Princess was in her element. Racing along, ahead of Mini-Husband, hair blowing in the wind, giggling deeply.

This is what a day at Disneyland is all about.

I never in my life would have thought that both Hubster and I would agree that our favourite ride at the park was "It's a Small World," but there really is something to watching your kids' faces light up at the mystery and magic of those dancing dolls.

We could've stayed on the tour all afternoon. I then would have had to had a lobotomy but it would have been for a good cause.

It was exciting for us to be mixing in and waiting with all various types of humanity at the park. Hearing Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, American and English accents was refreshing to my ears. Especially when all the parents seem to be yelling the same type of things at their kids.

"Get back here!"

"NO, we are not buying a 4ft tall stuffed Mickey!"

It really is a small world, afterall.

After all the waits, the crowds, the costs, the tired feet and arms from carrying small people, I think Hubster and I are glad the kids got a chance to see Disney. Bubba-Love's face alone when he saw Buzz Lightyear made our day.

Of course, his tantrum when he couldn't actually touch or sit in Flash McQueen from Cars was another experience, but memorable all the same.

The highlights of the trip:

*We actually made it through the parks without losing a child or a parent and Hubster and I had only one decent fight.

*Mooster got some rollcoaster rides and didn't have to speak French all weekend.

*Hubster got a travel coffee mug with his name written on it: "Grumpy."

*The rowing machine that started this whole journey in the first place, didn't fall off the top of the car on the way home. (Amen for bunge cords.)

All said and done, a good time was had by all. Now, if I could just rub the whiplash out of my neck from Space Mountain...


Kitty said...

Brings back many happy memories!

Sue said...

I hope there are pictures...:-)

Dig said...

I don't know how any of you decided to do this trip a second time!

Kitty said...

Your father promised you . . .!