Monday, July 21, 2008

The Rational One

I've been trying since 8am this morning to write about my oldest sister but I keep getting interrupted by the tribe, the dogs, and finally by the chimney sweep.

It's ironic that I would love to talk about her and her love of "ODS" (old dead stuff) but I can't because I'm being harassed by "YLS" (young live stuff.)

My sister's profile picture on Facebook is her in a kayak. Which I love. Especially since this is the sister who is afraid of fish and yet a swim coach. (Can you see the irony here? You can't make up stuff better than that!)

But hey, who wouldn't be afraid of open water if you had been cruising along on a floatie only to have the water levitate and a giant skate come flying out at you. Then, a few years later, you're happily playing in the ocean with your sisters and a wacking great sting ray goes by in a wave.

She's allowed to be scared.

Hence, why for her, pools are good for freestyle and open water is good for paddling. That way, if she sees something she doesn't like in the river, she can smack the heck out of it with her paddle.
She's not daft, my sister.

The thing that keeps amazing me the most about my sister is how she continues to grow and change, becoming more comfortable with herself as she goes along in life. She was horrified at the idea of turning 40, but I think she realizes now (or at least she should) how freeing it is to be in her 40s.

I don't get to talk to her as much as I'd like, but I think she knows how much I admire and love her, how proud I am of her and who she's becoming.

I hope she had a wonderful birthday yesterday and had a chance to take her boat out on the water. A day of floating and being.

Free from fish.


diane said...

Don't forget the way that crab trap attacked her too when she leapt off of the skate. It was scary for me to watch!!!

Happy Birthday Sue. I want to be like you when I am 44.

Sue said...

Thanks for the nice comments. I got no paddle but I hope to make up for that this weekend...and we'll paddle when you get here too.