Friday, July 18, 2008


Thanks to Hubster's excellent bidding techniques on eBay, we're off to Paris to collect a rowing machine.

Should be fun trying to fit 6 people in and a large, cumbersome piece of exercise equipment on our little station wagon, but we're hoping that the roof bars hold and it'll get back to our house in one piece.

The fun part is that we are going to stay the night at Cindy's castle.

You all remember Cindy, right? She's that nice young girl who's stepmother is a right nightmare and won't buy her shoes or a decent dress.

Well, it turns out, Cindy's had a string of good luck and now has a fabulous castle. Well, actually, two. One in Florida and one near Paris.

She's become sort of a fairy foster mother as well so there are all kinds of animals, talking tea-cups and strange not-quite human like people hanging at her place. Being the kind hearted soul she is, Cindy has asked us to come and play with her and all the gang when we are up near her place.

I'm ever so excited.

We haven't told the tribe yet where we are going and I'm hoping we can keep it secret until we get there. There aren't enough fun surprises in this world so we're trying to make this one a really good one for them.

I can see us now on the drive home.

Rowing machine strapped on top of the car and every free spot inside the car stuffed with all sorts of gifts from Cindy and her friends. I wonder if she might be persuaded to lend us one of her pumpkins...


magali said...

Waou ! That's a huge surprise, the little people will love it.
And I am so sorry I am not around any more to come with you to Cindy's castle: I went there three times and loved it, it would have been a great day out with your kids (and an extra pair of arms for you ;-))
Have fun and say hi to Cindy!

Kelly said...

Aw man, I'm so jealous.

So is "It's a Small World" sung in French? I wonder if that would be more or less annoying than hearing it in English over and over.

ellenstew said...

Karen - Enjoy the erg, just don't repeat my fun of almost loosing it at the MU rec center in college. Hope you are well, I love keeping up with your adventures. I am expecting your book to come out soon from all of this great material ;). Ellen

diane said...

Let me just be the first to second Ellen's mention of forthcoming book. Sure has great material.

Does Euro Disney have hotels with all kinds of great pools too? Tops optional?

Sue said...

Make sure she met Belle...