Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sometimes There Isn't Enough Coffee

Mini-Husband has told me this morning that if Abaka doesn't have puppies, he's moving.

He then followed this up by saying that if his sunflowers in the garden don't bloom, he's moving.

"I'm cold. Turn on the radiator or I'm moving."

"No, I'm not getting dressed today. If I have to get dressed, I'm moving."

It's only 8am and already I'm considering packing his bags.

In trying to stay positive here, I have updated his site which helps me to remember that pictures speak louder than words.

Maybe if I tempt him with a bowl of Cheerios and a hot chocolate he'll stay for a little while longer.


Heather said...

He's an impressive artist! And with the temperament to match, apparently. :-)

diane said...

You will miss him if he goes, so get that chocolate nice and hot!!!

Dig said...

I finally managed to persuade him to stay by buying fake grass for his farm set.