Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Two Days and Counting

So now that the second major holiday of December is behind us, we can start really focusing on the important celebration, my birthday! (Just kidding, Miss Tennessee 1975!)

Just two days to go until I hit yet another birthday milestone. I'm kind of excited about that since I've actually remembered how old I'm going to be this year. I've never been good at math so I have a tendancy to mix up my numbers. But what's in a number anyway? I still feel like I'm 12. Plus, when I'm falling off my bike, I still look like I'm 12!

I manged to get all three of the huskies out for some fun today. Anouk and Typhon had the usual bike tour, which was AWESOME. They actually pulled me out of the village without incident, did the u-turn when asked, and we made it home without once chasing a cat or playing "Flip Dig Over the Handle Bars." It was surreal. I'm still all giddy thinking about it.

Abaca and I then headed out for a trail run. I was worried about how far and how fast I should go with her since she's young and her owners aren't as insane as I am. That being the case, we did our version of a 'wog' (walk/jog) around the trails. I think she really enjoyed herself. Though, I'm going to have to give her a bath before her people come get her this weekend! Hello happy mud puppy!

Hubster's impressed too. I've actually showered twice today. An all-time record! Good thing I got such nice soap from l'Occitane this Christmas. As if wet dog isn't an attractive perfume! Someone must have been trying to tell me something...


kissmekaty said...

Ah, Dig's Birthday! A very fond memory of a hot tub and a stamp collector! xoxoxo

Dig said...

Coffee, all over my computer screen.

Love you Katy! XOXO