Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Rare Occasion

I'm actually speechless today.

I have just had the most wonderful of weekends celebrating my birthday and I really don't think I could find the words to explain how good it feels in my soul.

Hubster and I have been laughing and enjoying being together these last few days. I know sorting wood isn't really a special thing to do on a birthday, but there is a sense of purpose to that work. It's nice to feel like we accomplished something. Plus, heading out to buy a chainsaw is a great way to bring a couple together!

The little people have had two crazy nights playing with almost all of their friends until the wee hours of the morning. Last night it was the birthday party here with a huge mix of the English and French people that we love. Nothing like weaving conversation in Franglish with accents from Ireland, England, America, and France to make it flow!

It may sound so wordly and cosmopolitan to be mingling with such a collection of people, but in truth, they are just good everyday people who happen to be here in our lives. We are blessed to have such riches.

The highlight for me last night was the parade of princesses. Our Princess and her friends found every possible dress-up costume in her closest and proceeded to give us the most dazzling display of princess wear. Sparking tiaras, clicky-clacky shoes, braclets, and ribbons topped with smiles that melted your heart.

The dogs were a bit diappointed not to have a chance to try on the tiaras themselves. Might have to see if I can get them decked out in their own princess wear today. Of course, that means harnesses and ganglines hooked to my bike, but I think that's a better (and safer) bet then Typhon in clicky-clacky shoes!


Diane said...

Sounds like the best birthday ever and a wonderful life to me.

Dig said...

Almost as good as last year...

RHB said...

I'm bummed that we missed the princess parade- but glad I got to see you! Glad your birthday weekedn was a good one and glad I could be a samll part. :)

Sue said...

Photos of said princess parade???

kissmekaty said...

I agree with Sue! xoxoxo