Tuesday, December 4, 2007

December 4

I think today is my friend Katy's birthday. Now, I have to admit, I forget every year what day it is exactly. I'm in good company though, since her mom forgets which day every year as well!


And just a little FYI,

Only 24 days till MY birthday!!!


Kelly said...

It's Blake's (my nephew - remember Buddha baby?) 16th birthday today too. Can you believe it? Man, I feel old.

Dig said...

Hey, we aren't old, we're just ripe!!

kissmekaty said...

Thank you!! My birthday was yesterday, the third. Mom and I were at the computer doing web pays when she said "Today's the third, your birthday is Wednesday right?" I turned 40, I'm giving her twenty more to get it right or she will finally get that tattoo she wants. xoxoxo

Dig said...

See I'm just like your mother!!!!

Heather said...

I have this amazing memory for birthdays (especially December birthdays -- I swear I know at least one person for every single day in December) and every year on your birthday I remember that it's your birthday and hope you're doing well.