Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Some Good Stuff

After a few weeks of what seems to have been nothing but bad news, we've had a couple of really nice bits come our way.

The first wonderful thing is that my loved one's love is on the right track to getting better. And he's even decided that he wants to make my loved one his loved one for good. They got engaged this past weekend and it's wonderful. There is hope and happiness with them. Long may it continue.

The second nice bit of news came from my past. Turns out my first real boyfriend and his wife just had their first child this past week. I'm so happy for him and them. He was always such a lovely guy and he will make the best of dads. Another spot of hope and happiness in this world. Long may that continue too.

Closer to home, we've had word back from the people who made the decision regarding the tiles for our roof. Seems they had a talk amongst themselves and decided that we really can do the roof in another type of tile that isn't slate. WHOOO-HOOOO! We may not need to sell the kids afterall!!

In fact, I think this might be a good time to take those little people over to England and visit with the tea-sipping side of the family. Next week, we'll be on tour eating fish and chips, heading to Tesco, seeing old friends, and wrecking what's left of Grandma's nerves. Should be fun for us at least!

So there you have it. Some nice updates from our little corner. It's cold outside today, but I've got both woodstoves burning so the house feels warm and cozy. The kids are reading and drawing, the dogs are curled up in their tails, and Hubster will be home soon. There is hope and happiness here too.

The Resident Artist has updated his site. Check out his latest works and let him know what you think!


magali said...

Hey Dig, good to see the wheel is turn in the right direction for you.
I was wondering how you were not seeing you around in our favourite place ;-)

Now, dare I hope you all will be stopping close enough to my place on your way to sipping tea country ?
Take care

Dig said...

Can you meet us on the autoroute?!?!?! Though, I've got to get Mini-Husband up that Tower sometime soon!!!

Kelly said...

I can see clearer now the rain has gone. Alas, good news on multiple fronts! Glad to hear it.

And is that Tom McMannis who had the baby (well, his wife)? "Oh my god, Tom McMannis!"

Dig said...

Yes. I thought about posting that exactly, but...LOL I still laugh about that one. And, of course, "HEY. PUMPKIN."