Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My Goose is Cooked

Well, almost.

I'm attempting to make a proper Christmas goose today. My neighbour in the village raises poultry so we bought a goose from her for this year's dinner treat. Talk about buying local!
Luckily, she dealt with all the plucking and stuff that this American has never done before. It smells delicious in here right now.

The kids are happy playing with their new toys from Grandma and Granddad, Kitty and Daddio, and their aunts and uncles. The lounge is a mess. It's an explosion of Barbia, Lego, trains, and tractors. (Bet you didn't realize that Barbie is good at working with tractors!)

With that, it's time to go open the Christmas champers and celebrate all the wonderful things we have in our lives.

That includes all of you!

Mary Chrismer!


Diane said...

I hope the packacge from Elkridge arrived,and I apologize for the lack of interior wrapping. Couldn't get those suckers to fit if already wrapped. Hope youfigured out the green card on the bottom of the package, tape over by USPS was a card made by Ceara. If not, sorry I forgot to tell you.

I wish we were with you to try your goose. Next year.......

Sue said...

Merry Xmer! I retold the 1am story to the delight of everyone in the house. We wish we could also enjoy your goose. I'm sure we can find you one here to cook next year.
Love to all of you!!!

Dig said...

The relief on Mini-Husband's face this morning at 7am was priceless.

Love you both!!! XOXO