Monday, December 3, 2007

Cold Winter Winds

Last night was interesting Chez Nous.

First off, I had to take Bubba-Love to the on-call doctor. He had been pushing a fever all weekend and was doing his best to impersonate a throw rug. Finally last night, the fever peaked at 40.5C (104.9F) and I freaked. Hubster called the emergency on-call number and I took Bubba-Love in. Turns out, he's got yet another ear infection and again, mild pneumonia. So we're off for more chest x-rays tomorrow.

The incredible thing is that since he's now had two doses of the antibiotic, he's back to demanding "Cars." Never thought I'd be so happy to hear that request!

After getting him settled in bed last night, the most intense wind storm descended upon our little part of the world. I swear I could hear every loose tile on the roof flapping about. It seemed as if our whole house, which is solid stone, was going to lift off and crush the nearest wicked witch. (I was hoping that would be whoever decided we have to do the flipping roof in slate again!)

Around 1:30am, the village fire siren went off. And so did Typhon. And then Anouk. Hubster manged to open the window, despite the wind, pop his head out and yell a few nice words in English to get the two of them to stop. But of course, we were now fully awake to again enjoy the beautiful music being made by our roof and it's wind conductor.

Around 5:00am, the power got knocked out. Normally, that's not such a big deal at 5:00am. It's dark, we're sleeping, no worries. Except that both Mini-Husband and Bubba-Love have this built in nightlight sensor and if that nightlight blips for any reason, they're up. Eh, voila. There goes Super Mommy ricocheting around the hallway in an attempt to calm the little men down at the same time as setting my watch so that Hubster wouldn't be late for work.

Somehow, we all manage to get back to sleep and the power got restored along the way. I was nearly late getting The Princess up for school since Typhon decided that only one performance a night is enough, so he skipped his usual 7am choral session.

The wind is the only thing howling out there right now and that's good by me. Bubba-Love is tucked up on the couch watching a movie (can you guess which one) and Mini-Husband (who's teacher was sick today) is busy making a fire station out of a shoe box. I swear that kid is a combination of MacGyver and Picasso.

Looks like a good time to go make some coffee and watch what's left of the Christmas decorations blow by.


Sue said...

Talk about coincidences (or not), the wind is howling here too!!!

Kelly said...

It's howling here too! Something last night was rattling around outside. It sounded like a cross between our garbage can and a gutter as it banged around.

All I keep picturing is that scene from Mary Poppins when all the nannies get blown away down the street.

Dig said...

So that's where she went!

Sue said...

Aine's comments...Will is going to be one healthy teenager...

Dig said...

Here's hoping Aine is right! He'll be as custo as his cousin!!