Tuesday, December 4, 2007

From Now On, No Googling Anything

I'm worried.

Bubba-Love and I went for his x-ray this morning. As expected, his lung is infected but not seriously. The unpected thing is that the x-ray shows that his heart is enlarged.

Of course, as soon as we got home from the x-ray, I bee-lined it for the computer and Google. There should be a law against ANYONE heading straight for Google after you get any sort of medical news. Between the various causes of heart enlargement and the prognosis, it's amazing I haven't flooded the house with tears!

I like Google. I like being able to find out loads of stuff quickly. But sometimes too much too quick is not good for you. Better to call your rational sister very early in her morning and get her to calm you down. (Which she did and which I love her for.)

We've got an appointment with our doctor this afternoon. I'm hoping he can explain what the heck is going on. Till then, if I'm on the computer it's only to read the news and maybe search Google for stories on huskies and dog sledding. I'll use Google in it's good sense, to find something to help keep my mind off that beautiful little guy sleeping upstairs.

Think positive thoughts everyone.


Kelly said...

You got it - he's in my thoughts right now. Keep us posted.

magali said...

positive and heathy thoughts from Sweden.
Let us now.
Take care

Sue said...

I got the word from Mom that all is well. Mucho relief here!! Have a glass of wine and relax...for now. Keep in mind that he will cause you many more anxious moments in your life...:-)