Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wearing It With Pride

I got the latest Vertbaudet catalog the other day and promtly filed it among the other magazines I hope to have at least 2 minutes to read at some point this month. That's right. It's in the bathroom.

As I finally flipped through the pages this morning, oohing and ahhing over the different styles and colours, I almost fell over.
Nah, it couldn't be.

A t-shirt in a hip and swanky French kids catalog talking about Margate? MARGATE? Are they serious?

Do they realize just what Margate is? Do they realize that one could argure that Margate is about as far away from cool as you can possibly get? Do they know that this once bustling sea side town, the town of Hubster and Mini-Hubster's birth, has been decimated by poor urban planning, no real economy, and overal apathy? I unkindly refer to it as "third world England."

I shouldn't be so harsh, maybe. There are some wonderful aspects of Margate besides just my in-laws and our friends there. The beach is lovely and back in the day, the area around it was great place to hang out. Now, it's just a few bars, boarded up shops, a lone chippy, and a burned out section where Dreamland used to be. Honestly, I find it a sad place, in urgent need of TLC and shit load of investment.

I have a hard time catagorizing Margate. It's not someplace I'd chose to go if I had the option but it is the home of my love, it's where I learned to be a mother, and it's where mountain dog, Luna, learned to like digging in the sand. As much as I hate to admit it, I like the place. A little bit.

So now, of course, I need to decide. Do I buy the kids each their own t-shirt or what?


Diane said...

Absolutely!! And they shoudl wear them with PRIDE!!!

magali said...

of course !

And if they have it in teenager sizing you might fit in one of them too ;-)

Diane said...

Teenager plus boobs.

Ted said...

But its only round the corner from gorgeous Broadstairs!!

Ted said...

AND - was thinking of you tonight as Ted and I watched Countryfile and they were up in Aviemore with some dog sledding teams...aaahhh it was SO beautiful!


Dig said...

I have been informed by my mother in law that I need to tell the world that they do NOT live IN Margate but next to it. Other than that, she agrees with what I said. And she wants a t-shirt too.