Monday, January 4, 2010


The holidays are over. Everyone is back to school and I'm frightened of the amount of stuff I need to do in the house today. Piles of clothes to put away, new toys to find places for, a Christmas tree to take down, a kitchen that looks like a tornado hit it.

And it snowed last night. A lot.

Which means, I so am not motivated to do anything in the house today. I want to go take those silly huskies and go fall of the back of my sled. I want to go get a cold red nose as I cover myself in dog fur and icicles...

But at the moment, Rosebud is crying and my house waits.

Wait for me, snow. Wait for me!


Jenimal said...

can you take the dogs out tonight after hubster gets home????

Dancers said...

seize the moment Karen the other things will either get done or not - who cares xxxxxx

Dig said...

Ah, Penny. Another reason why I love you.