Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Day of Sounds and Smells

*6 kids in a little car. One of them farted about two minutes after we headed out on a 1/2 drive. There is no such thing as "fresh air" in January in farm country.

*Did you know that the carnival music in Dumbo is just as annoying in French as it is in English?

*It's a good thing that that nice man is here to do the plaster in the attic again. I just wish he didn't need to use a hammer and a buzz saw right above Rosebud's room.

*Who knew a boy of 3 and a boy of almost 4 could sound like a herd of elephants chasing a parrot through an airport on a set of stairs?

*Typhon only sings when he thinks no one is looking.

*The sound of my head exploding is roughly similar to the sound a wine bottle makes when you pull the cork out.

*Sitting in wet hay, petting three furry prisoners in lock down smells like victory. Dog shit all over your shoes doesn't.

*We really need to get rid of that piano.


kissmekaty said...

I thought Dave liked the piano? Is this a joint decision or a decision made after the head exploded!?!?! xoxoxo

Sonya said...

Oh, boy! Is it 5 o'clock there, yet?! ;)

Sue said...

These are the days! Just keep writing all this stuff down. Some day you will want to remind all of your children exactly what they did when they were small...