Friday, January 15, 2010

Now Offering Sociology Courses at the Birth Control Bed & Breakfast!

I understand mob mentality now.

I see now how it is possible to like and love people as individuals, but when they team up with other individuals and go nuts in your living room and then your bathroom and then your hallway, how you wish each and every one of them was at boarding school in Siberia.

What amazes me most is how the mob actually forms. How a quiet group of people can be involved in something as harmless as eating cereal when all of the sudden, some magical word or look is launched, and everything goes to shit in about 2 seconds. There's cereal flying, someone running, and usually the instigator yelling at anyone in authority to make it stop.

The person in authority is at this point, waving their arms in useless directions and wondering where back up is. Person in authority is also looking for a place to hide and possibly wondering where s/he stashed that bottle of vodka. Person in authority has now become person non grata and is quickly forgotten by what once were nice, simple young children. Person in authority knows it's time to either deal with the mob or surrender.

And I have to admit, surrender looks like such a nice option sometimes.

Luckily for me and those seeking a Ph.D. in Sociology with us, the mob we've been studying did at some point fall asleep last night. And when they woke up, I sent them to school. And, if all goes well, two of the mob will happily be reunited with their parents when school lets out.

I never thought I'd say this, but I can't wait for tonight when it's just four kids I have to deal with.


Kitty said...

As I used to say to myself "she could have been twins"!

Dig said...

You are refering to Diane, right?

Diane said...

Ha! I think she meant Sue.

Around here we really only have issues with the instigator. Luckily the rest of the gang is usually so horrified at what he's saying or doing that they remain calm and slink out!

Sue said...

The instigator gets older and sneakier. I used to moan that she thought she was smarter than me. That is a reality now...for real. I'll be enjoying an empty house before both of you :-)