Monday, February 1, 2010

My God. He's Four.

This one, is a ham bone.

I don't think I could have imagined just how funny this kid would be. How he uses his hands and shoulders to express himself, rolling his eyes and blinking those lashes as he tries to convince me that he really, really needs a bonbon. I kid you not, his face is a constant work of art.

I think he might be the easiest of the four to make laugh. All you have to do is grab him, make a funny face, and he's right in there with you, giggling and screeching. He's also the one who has figured out that if you yell really, really loud during a tantrum, everyone in a 4 mile radius will stop and see what the heck is going on.

If the saying, "you are what you eat" were true, he would be a big lump of Cantal cheese. If he had a choice, he would eat that at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You might be able to get a slice a ham in him as well, but it's the cheese that he lives for. You can't even imagine his joy when he discovered that Wallace was a soul mate.

He makes us smile. He makes us laugh. He scares the crap outta his big sister when he chases her up the stairs threatening to hit her with his ever so powerful toddler fist. He knows how to get Mini-Husband in a state by just brushing his fingers across the top of a PlayMobil car. He thinks Rosebud speaks to him in French already. And heck, why not?As he sees it, doesn't everybody speak perfect French, English, and Franglais at birth?

He has to have his baby duvet, his sleeping bag, his baby blanket, the Mickey fleece, and the baseball fleece on top of him before he can get to sleep. And don't forget Blue and Green blankies tucked in next to him as well. "And MOM! Where are my cars?!?"

He touches my heart when he looks at me with those big brown eyes, his face an image of his father's. He's a joy, a terror, a comedian, and just plain wonderful. We are so blessed to have him in our lives.

Happy Birthday, Bubba-Love!


magali said...

Happy Birthday Will !

I can't believe I met him when he was still speaking his own kind of English and French that nobody else understood!
One of my favourite Will expression is the way he says "I can't" like he is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders and really, find that extra shoe will make everything fall apart.
He is one smart little guy and he's going to be a handful when he discovers girls ;-)

Kitty said...

Give him a great big hug for me!

Diane said...

GIve him an even bigger hug for me. I will try and skype him when I get home from work.

RHB said...

He is looking more and more like Jack (and Dave) in this picture. :)

I love this post. You have to save these posts for them. One day they will LOVE reading this blog that records your family history and your thoughts.

Sue said...

I remember him as an infant needing to be held facing "out" where all the action was...HB Will!!1