Wednesday, February 24, 2010

There Is Love

I think I've earned an award. Not only am I feeling extremely "sensitive" today due to a stomach that has decided to vide anything and everything that enters it by a massive volcanic eruption (south of the equator) but, (no pun intended) I've managed to make two quiches, a banana bread, and get the kids ready to head off to the pool.

I'm not sure how this day is going to pan out since the only thing I'm wishing is that they made swim nappies in my size.

The two two quiches and a banana bread are for my darling Hubster who is having his pot this evening. No, he's not trying to relive my Idaho years, he's just being given a leaving do at work where various and sundry people that he sort of knows are going to give him a gift and tell him good luck in his next job. The irony of this pot is that he didn't get to invite the actual people he likes, he's got to supply all the food and drink, and his wife was the one who told them what to get him.

Once again, I'm not sure how this day is going to pan out.

The light at the end of my tunnel today is that there are only 5 more wake-ups before I send my blessed tribe back to school and I can get back to being the lazy SAHM that I've always strived to be. The light at the end of Hubster's tunnel is that there are only 5 more wake ups before he starts his new gig at the big factory on the happy side of tracks.

To quote the ever prophetic Jimmy Buffett, "come Monday, it'll be allright."

Till then, I'm off to impersonate Kilauea and hope for the best. Sing it with me, Finheads...


Diane said...

hope you feel better.

kissmekaty said...

Seriously, banana bread batter and south of the border eruptions! Can't wait to taste that!!!!! xoxoxo

Dig said...

Well, I washed my hands... ;-)

Actually, the quiches were made last night and I figured with the banana bread...well. We'll just see how this all turns out now, shall we?

Tomorrow's headline in La Montagne: USINE fermée en raison de INTOXICATION ALIMENTAIRE

RHB said...

So sorry- at least you have a theme song. Hope you feel better soon!