Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rapunzel, Throw Me Your Sheets

We've had a break in the weather today and it's actually sunny and mild outside. I'd forgotten how much I like that sun thing and since this isn't supposed to last, I'm going try to make the most of it while I can.

I'm a fresh air freak. There is no doubt about it. I need windows open, a breeze blowing, some sort of contact with that unseen force that not only keeps me alive, but HEY, you as well! Air conditioning is something I fear. Hence why I left the humid mid-Atlantic and headed west all those years ago. Hence, why I still love driving along the highway at high speeds, window open and my hair becoming a vision reminiscent of Helena Bonham-Carter's from Fight Club.

France is good for me in this way because there seems to be a bizarre devotion to this freakish love of open windows. It's especially evident on days like today when entire villages throw their bedding out their windows. Foreign immigrants included.

Let the air in! Let the sheets blow in the wind! Get all those teeny tiny flakes of dead skin out of your duvet! Kill those little bed bugs with a blast of near arctic air! Burn them with the powers of sun! Open those windows and let the dust fly!

It's therapeutic, I swear. The bedrooms smell better. They look happier, if that's at all possible. Airing out the place is my type of cleaning. Just open those windows. What could be simpler?

Of course, my hair still looks a mess and I need to remember to bring the bedding back in before the rain comes, but that aside, the freeze blasting cleaning method rocks. Just what this lazy maid servant of Rapunzel needed.


Diane said...

I could subscribe to it, but we have these crazy things over here called. Screens. Helpful little suckers. They keep the bats out.

Stephanie said...

This from a country where they wrap their babies in fleece in the summer due to the courant d'air. Hmm ... :)

hubster dave said...

really diane!
having bats swirling round the bedroom in the dead of night is really SO COOL... at least I thought so... Karen haowever didnt seem to enjoy the experience...

kissmekaty said...

I believe I had a bat in my room on one of my visits! Love the open windows, but, thankful for the screens, too! xoxoxoxo

El Jefe said...

You are so fortunate to have a window open. We don't have a house window open from mid Oct- end of March in Mpls. But once it gets about 50 F, people are running around in shorts here.