Monday, September 1, 2008

When It Rains, It Pours. Especially if Your Roof Isn't Fixed

I love the smell of wet wood in the morning. It smells like....well, wet wood.

Yesterday afternoon we got 35mm (1.5 inches) of rain in just under two hours. Now, I know it's nothing in comparison to what may hit New Orleans later today (quick prayer for my family there, please) but it's enough to have made the entire attic moist. Wet. Sopping.


How did I discover this you may wonder? Let's just say a small pond sitting in my bedroom led me to the source. Good thing I had a huge pile of dirty laundry at hand to mop that right on up.

Godot Roofing had put up some sort of plastic thing to protect the roof until the tiles go on, but there is no way something like that can keep out such an intense 2 hours of rain.

Hence, why at 10:30 last night Hubster and I were ripping out the insulation that had become like giant sponges in the attic ceiling. Our hope is that by doing so the beams and wooden planks might actually dry out.

By the way, Madame Home Depot, you did one hell of a job putting all that insulation up. I'm ever so sorry we had to rip it down. But, the good news is, we've decided we need to hire you to do that again. Bet that just makes your day, eh?

We've watched the weather forecast and we're thinking we need to head out and buy all kinds of tarps and plastic sheeting. Can one buy enough buckets? It's a good thing we want to redo every room already because I'm getting the distinct impression that may have to happen after this week.

And that just stinks because I am so not good at do-it-yourself. I'm much better at have-someone-else-do-it. Aka, Hubster. Poor guy. Not only will he have to finish the fencing project in the garden, treat the front door, and fix the shelf that fell down in the kitchen, he'll now have to single handily redecorate the house to my taste. Bless him.

What that saying about when life throws you tomatoes, make ketchup? Or is something about lemons and lemonade? Regardless, I'm breaking out my cook book. There has got to be a positive side to this somewhere...


Stephanie said...

How about a painting party? I know one other man who paints. :) We women could take the kids away for the day and the MEN could decorate. Are you that daring?

Sue said...

I stink at decorating but I'm really good at distraction with wine. Can I come?

Dig said...

I'm daring and you all can come. A glass in one hand and a brush in the other! Can't look any worse here then it already does! LOL

hubster dave said...

Hmmm... yes, Madame Home Depot, its rare that I end up cursing somebody doing a good job... good on ya !!!

And as for the shelf in the kitchen, just like to point out that it was not me that put it up !!!

kissmekaty said...

Have hammertack, will travel! xoxoxox