Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Enough Doom and Gloom, Let's Talk Food

I think I could start spouting about both the economic situation in my native land as well as the upcoming election and debate between the VP candidates, but I've decided not to do that. There are enough political blogs out there and definitely not enough blogs about wackos like me living in France!

I've been trying to remember that it's the little things in life that really count. For example, finding peanut butter filled pretzel bites in the international section of Cora. And not just peanut butter filled bites, but real AMERICAN MADE peanut butter pretzel filled bites!

Oh, the joy! Oh, the rapture! Oh, how quickly I ate the whole bag!

But there was a moment of intense despair this week when, after recovering from the dreaded vomiting bug, Hubster and I both lost our desire for coffee. Now, this is a serious issue. You are talking about two people who could single handily support 5-6 reasonable sized coffee farms in Columbia with our daily intake.

So imagine the ecstasy when I found the ginormous bag of Dunkin' Donuts coffee I had bought back in the US in August. Our faith in caffeine has been restored! Our joy at being wired has been re-fused! We're back to being the insane people we love so much!

So, yes, there are things out there that are worrying, things beyond our control and sometimes beyond our capacity to understand. But by focusing on the simple things, there is a way to smile and be happy with our lot as the wacky foreigners in France.

The wacky foreigners with a beautiful new roof. Ah yes, had I not mentioned? We are waiting for Godot no more. And if y'all behave yourselves, I might even post some pictures.

Oh, the joy! Oh, the rapture! We can drink coffee and eat peanut butter filled pretzels in our now non-leaky attic!

Isn't life great?!?

Well, at least it is until we get the bill...


kissmekaty said...

Wow, that only took 4 years! xoxoxoxo

Mooster said...

Ok, so now we add pb filled combos to the international food supply list.

Mooster said...

that last post was my mom

yay to the coffe and the peanut putter!!!!!!!!

hubster dave said...

My wife is a whackjob, it's official !!!

hubster dave said...

impressive use of poetic license too ...