Monday, September 15, 2008

He's Very Good at Ripping Things Apart

Hubster had quite the busy weekend. He spent most of Saturday working out in the field, trying to get the rest of the fence posts placed. He slogged it out there in pouring rain and when he finally came in for lunch, he was a tad bit fed up.

Well, a lot bit fed up.

He was at the point of selling all three of our huskies "because if we only had dogs that didn't escape and chasing things, we wouldn't have to build Fort Knox around the garden."

Memories of Anouk with Grandma Francaise's chicken in her mouth flew through my head. For the first time in a long time, I kept my own mouth shut and let Hubster continue venting.

"Why can't we have retrievers? Dogs that actually come back when you call them? Dogs that YOU walk, not the other way around?!?"

Hubster, realizing that he needed to find a positive outlet for this energy, decided to go ahead and start stripping the wall paper in the The Princess' room rather than heading back out in the rain. I thought this was a good idea and sign that maybe he wasn't about to sell our furry friends after all.

One thing leads to another with Hubster. He got the wallpaper off and then realized that the woodwork around the window was horrible and really should be replaced.

So, off came the woodwork around the window.

Then he realized that the baseboard on one wall was all rotten and decayed.

So, there went the baseboard.

I have to admit, it is kind of fascinating watching Hubster do all this. Our house is 150 years old and underneath each layer of wood and paper, there is something to discover. Be it just a note from the former owner telling up when he had papered the wall in the first place (1997) or seeing the way the wood panels around window had been put in (using tongue and groove way back in the 1800s.)

It's clean and raw in there now. Hubster has done a good job of getting it ready for us to put on our own touches.

I'm really tempted to suggest this great dog sledding wall paper I saw the other day, but perhaps in the interest of my marriage, I'll let Hubster be the guide on colour choices. After all, it was me that picked the dogs...


ckweirath said...

Hubster's so handy! You can send him my way next. I have a few projects that he can help with and they don't involve dogs. :)

kissmekaty said...

Tread ever so lightly and always smile! xoxoxo

Dig said...

It's all good, Katy. A nice glass of wine and feeling of accomplishment and he's a happy camper.