Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Perhaps You Might Need A Size 8?

I had a chance today to stop at my favourite knock-down prices store, Noz. For those of you who I haven't dragged there yet, it's basically this mish-mash of stuff piled all over the store and you spend hours rummaging through it all trying to find something good.

Basically, it's all tat. Tat that until this morning you had no idea existed but now that you've seen it, you can't imagine how you have survived this long without it. Especially that wine opener shaped like the Eiffel Tower which only cost a euro.

I popped in there for a quick look around and lucky for me, found some pants and shirts all under 5 euros. (Yes, I know. I'm the height of French fashion, aren't I?) I headed over to the one little changing cubicle there is in the store to try them on, peeped around the curtain, saw no one in there, so went ahead on in.

All over the floor were a variety of jean, faux leather, and frilly mini-skirts. My first thought was how much it all reminded me of The Princess' closet. My second thought was it would've sucked to be working there and get stuck with putting all those back.

I tried on my pants (excellent fit and a BARGAIN for 4 euros) and then got my stuff together and stepped out of the cubicle.

It was then that I noticed the man.

The very tall, leggy man in his 40s, wearing a white mini-skirt.

Seems he had been waiting for me to get out the changing room.

I quickly apologized for jumping in there when he wasn't finished and hightailed it to the other side of the store where I could get a better look at him from behind the rack of aprons and kitchen rugs.

Yes, I hadn't been mistaken. He was wearing a skirt. And yes, he then proceeded to try on tall of the rest of the mini-skirts that had been left in the cubicle. I know this because each time he tried on one, he stepped out of the cubicle for all the store to see.

The man had legs to die for and he looked damn good in every single one of those skirts. Especially the faux leather number. It really isn't fair, is it?

Here I struggle to run and swim and fall off bicycles to get myself looking marginally acceptable in skirts and that lucky man had been given dream legs. What's worse? All the skirts he was trying on were the tiny sizes. Sizes I haven't worn since before I got outta grade school.

The injustice of it all. I hope he bought those 5 inch heels he was looking at and brakes one of his fabulous legs.


Mooster said...

thats so mean o well i wounder if he would buy heels !!!!! hahaha

Kelly said...

I never thought the story would end that way, Brilliant! If only Miss Snooty was somehow in cahoots with him...that would make a REALLY good story.

Dig said...

Maybe it's her brother. ;)

diane said...

Are you sure it wasn't Miss Snooty in drag, or pretending to be a manin drag? Go check out her legs tomorrow and see if it could be her. I'll call you in the afternoon to see. LOL

Dig said...

Editing Note from Dig:

Last night, I lay awake thinking how horrible it was to wish anyone to break their neck and how since I didn't want this poor man to suffer from my jealousy, I have changed the offending "neck" to "fabulous legs."

That being done, I'm going back to bed to worry about other non-important stuff.


Sue said...

At least you didn't have the kids with you. Can you imgine the questions??? Or even worse...Mom, can I try some of those shoes???