Thursday, September 11, 2008

And the Dishwasher Can Make the Ratatouille

After examining the jungle garden a little closer the other day, I realized that I have enough carrots out there to feed all the rabbits in Watership Down.

So, we're gonna go from eating ratatouille almost every night to a menu of carrot salad, carrot cake, carrot sticks, sauteed carrots, and carrot soup. Our noses will be orange as orange can be!

With that looming prospect, I decided that maybe I should try and figure out a way to store some of these carrots so that we don't have to eat them all in one week. Over the weekend, I asked a few people from around the village for ideas of to keep them.

Some people mentioned to keep them stored in sand down in the cave. They'll keep for a while and will also be easy to get to. Another suggestion was to just leave the carrots in the ground and go and take them out when needed. French-Me, suggested I go ahead and can some. That way we can keep them for years.

I also asked Hippy-Love Francaise's father-in-law, a veritable green thumb garden guru, what he does to keep his carrots.

"Well, you know, the best thing I found is the old drum of a washing machine."


"Yes, an old washing machine drum. You dig a hole, put the drum in the ground, throw in the carrots, shut the door of the drum, eh voila!"

Was he serious? A washing machine drum buried in my front garden?

I thought he was nuts. Until when I asked my other neighbour what she does with her carrots and she responded with a smile and laugh, "Rinse and spin."

A washing machine drum.

To store carrots.


But now where will I put the onions?

In the dryer?


magali said...

I killed a lot of house plants so you don't have to trust me on this, but I am pretty sure I heard about that drum thing before...
Now if or why it would work ?

kissmekaty said...

As for turning orange, isn't it about time for Madame Rene to bring up the volkswagen sized pumpkin!?!? xoxoxo

RHB said...

send some carrots this way, please. :)