Wednesday, September 3, 2008

La Rentrée

It's a sick joke to start school on a Tuesday in France. You get all excited to finally get rid of your kids after 6 long weeks of summer only to have to have them at home on the Wednesday.

All the hard cleaning and tidying done yesterday is shot within minutes of waking up. The t.v room that was finally crumb free since July, is once again parakeet heaven. The pajamas that finally made it to the laundry bin have been replaced by the pair that was clean only just last night. The toys that finally got found from under the couch have been quickly dispatched under the chair.

It's incredible the amount of debris three little people can do. I think someone is paying them or offering bonbons as a reward for the "messiest mess." And if I find out who, I'm going to revoke their guest pass at the B&B.

The highlight of la rentrée yesterday was learning all that Mini-Husband will now start to do in CP (roughly 1st grade). His teacher started explaining her methods about writing, reading, and phonics. Which I'm really excited about because there is a chance I'm finally going to learn all those things about this French language as well. Of course, there was a lot I didn't quite comprehend but Mini-Husband told me not to worry. He's got everything under control and he will be glad to let me do his homework with him. Isn't that nice?

I didn't make it to the meeting for The Princess but since it would have been the 4th time I sat in a teeny tiny chair in the maternelle (kindergarten) room, I'm not too worried. Her teacher, a fabulous woman who I've come to know well over these years, said,

"Nothings changed except it's The Princess instead of Mini-Husband. And I finally figured out how to handle him so I should be OK with her, right?"

"Yup, that's right," I replied as I quickly ran to the other meeting.

I hope I don't get sent to the corner for lying.


magali said...

Babe, that's La Rentrée ;-)
You've got to work on Orthographe :-p

Lying to the teacher is bad, but she'll discover pretty soon that the Princess is not like Mini Husband!

Dig said...

Spelling errors have been corrected to protect the innocent, aka ME. Merci, Magali! ;) See, it is a good thing Mini-Husband will be able to teach me spelling!!

magali said...

it could be... just don't always trust him to have good spelling, he is smart enough to try and trick you !

diane said...

So long as the Princess keeps her shoes on while with said Kindergarten teacher, she should be ok.

I spent 4 hours cleaning my whole house last Friday. It looked so awesome. Until 3:35 when all the backpacks and their owners came home.