Saturday, August 30, 2008


It's nearly 8am and the only noise I'm hearing is my stomach growling.

I don't know how it's happened, but the tribe and it's chief are all still sleeping and I'm by myself, enjoying coffee and the early morning sun.

I forgot how quiet it can be here.

No sound of cars passing by, no sound of the sea, no humming of an air conditioner.

I catch a lone sound of a cow off in the distance or a bird singing down in the field, but other than that, it's quiet.

How I've missed being home.

It's one heck of a journey from here to anywhere and when flying or driving along, knowing you've got "miles to go before I sleep," one can start second guessing the choice to live so far from family and friends. It's an effort to get anywhere else and an effort to get back. I could easily become a hermit and never leave the village.

I think this is why the Birth Control Bed & Breakfast usually has a full guest list. If anyone wants to make the effort to see us in this West Virginia of France, they deserve a clean room, good wine, warm bread, and a peaceful sunrise.

Now, if they get all that, that's another story.

Usually, they get howling dogs, fighting children, day old baguettes, and Auvergne wine, which we like, but lack some international recognition.

But, alas, here comes the chief. Just in time for coffee, before the noises get up.


diane said...

I know you didn't mean alas, like Oh No here comes Dave. Hopefully you got to enjoy some peaceful time together.

ckweirath said...

I love your writing, Karen. I feel like I'm there. In a city where all I hear is sirens, cars, trains, etc. and I used the air conditioner to block it out, it's nice to escape (at least virtually) to your corner of the world.

I hope you had a great trip and welcome home!

Sue said...

Take the time to stop and smell the roses..or maybe the coffee as the case may be. Enjoy!

hubster dave said...

Di-Di, I think she did... ;-)