Friday, August 22, 2008

If It's Friday, It Must be France

Nothing like waking up in your bed after a vacation and wondering if you ever really went on vacation.

The only noticeable change at the Birth Control Bed & Breakfast is that Godot Roofing is HERE! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there's work being done up there! I'm so excited I could almost cry.
And cry I might since it's raining today. Please tell me that the plastic under liner they've stapled to the beams will hold. A small leak I can handle, the entire roof leaking, I'm not so sure.

I've got just enough time today to do some laundry, buy Mini-Husband's new school supplies and get the dogs to "camp" before we head off to England. Should be an interesting trip since Hubster threw his back out while I was gone. (Why he didn't recycle it, I'll never know!) I'm not sure running the gauntlet to Calais is going to do him any favours, but the doctor has given him some strong medication so here's hoping. Let's just hope it doesn't make him car sick. Kid puke is one thing, Hubster puke is another.

It is nice to being home this morning. A good cup of coffee, kids fighting over cartoons while being dive bombed by flies: all's as it should be.

I'll try and post a couple of highlights from my stateside adventures when I get a moment. That should be sometime in September...


diane said...

I could get myhusband to text you some things to post about

babymouncer said...

I know you will probably have heaps planned for your visit but call me if you get any free time?