Sunday, August 24, 2008

Winter in Summer

We've hit the typical British summer today. It's cold, windy, and there are the occasional rainy spells to remind you never to take the summer sun for granted in this country.

We did get a moment to play out on the beach yesterday, much to Bubba-Love and Mini Husband's delight. The Princess had already sprinted into the water within 30 seconds on the sand, but the boys started digging to China with zeal. I think they were hoping that if they really gave it a good effort, they could break through before the closing ceremonies started in Bejing.

Hubster and I have decided that napping should become the official sport of American-Anglo-Frenchies like us. If only we could get sponsored, perhaps a mattress company or a chain of hotels might be interested. I'll have to start making some inquiries...just as soon as we get up from this afternoon's siesta.


Kelly said...

Naps are good for the soul.

Miss you!


kissmekaty said...

Full on pj's, under the covers, two hour power nap!!! Nothing like it! xoxoxo

Sue said... starts tomorrow. There may be a nap in my near future!!!