Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dog Beach

Everytime we are here with Hubster's family I get all nostalgic for Luna. It's been several years since she's gone but here, on the tidal beach, I see her running as she always did.

The local dogs are allowed out on the beach before 10am and without fail, every morning, the local mutt pack is out there, running, jumping, sniffing, and playing. Just like Luna did, oh so long ago.

During those dog walks with her, we got to know some of the other dog parents on the beach. Never knew their names, but knew who they were by their dog. We didn't know where they lived but we knew where their dogs liked to play.

I never in my life would have guessed that a fuzzy Malamute from Wyoming would take to the beach like Luna did. Digging after crabs, splashing in the tide, getting sand all over my mother-in-laws house. Halcyon days.

Years later, the dogs on the beach have changed and Luna is now chasing cats and deer in the stars. I can only hope she's got company, her buddies from the beach, there to play with her.

It's comforting in the mornings to sit and sip my coffee as I watch the current pack out there running, splashing, and playing on the beach. Oh, the happiness and joy of getting wet and grimy!

If only I could borrow one for a couple of minutes. There's a real lack of sand in my mother-in-law's living room.


diane said...

OMG, I am crying during your blog. I hope Meghan does not read this, she'll ruin the keyboard with her tears.

Sue said...

Wooona! My kids still call Malamutes "Lunadogs."