Saturday, July 11, 2009

You've Got Mail, Whoopsie!

The departement where we live started a program back in 2005 called Ouvrez, ouvrez les livres aux bébés, roughly translated as "Open books to babies." Basically, The Conseil General, the governing body for our departement, sends each and every baby born in the departement during the year, a book. The hope is these beautifully illustrated stories will encourage parents to start reading to their kids at a young age.

The book for Whoopsie arrived yesterday, much to the tribe's delight. I had to fight with both The Princess and Bubba-Love for permission to open the package. Inside we found the story about Edgar.

Mini-Husband, in his new found role as "reader extraordinarie" took it upon himself to read to Whoops about this little boy who isn't quite like other kids. A great story about how everyone has something different and unique about them.

The Princess really liked it and was thrilled to see on the opening page, the list of the books that have been sent to all the babies since 2005. She quickly recognized the book Bubba-Love got back in 2006 and wanted to know why we didn't get the books in 2007 and 2008.

I explained how the books only get sent to babies born in those years to which she replied that I was basically a slacker and should have done my part to keep the collection complete. A perfect moment to explain how a library is a lot quieter than yearly newborns at our house.

All in all, a great first package for the Whoops. Not only is it something she'll never outgrow, but it's something that all of us can enjoy. Thank you, Conseil General for making reading, and sharing, not just a priority but fun for all us here at the B&B.


Kelly said...

I LOVE that program! What a great thing.

Diane said...

I love that program too. I am suggesting it to Howard County asap

kissmekaty said...

I like belly-beans thought process, keep those babies coming!!!!!!! xoxoxo

hubster dave said...

katy, i might just need to be quite rude!

chateauview said...

Have you no shame or loyalty!! I sent Whoopsie her first book by post when she was merely a couple of weeks with her as the starring role in name! and her siblings in it also!!Shocking forgetting your friends but praise goes to the French government!!?? youll be changing nationalities soon!
Rewrite article woman ...!!