Monday, July 6, 2009

Is This Considered Cooking?

The tribe has become addicted to "sugar yogurt," a simple thing of taking natural plain yogurt and throwing huge spoonfuls of sugar in them, pretending to mix them well and then eating just the sugar that is now slightly tainted by that horrible natural yogurt taste.

A friend of mine, French-Me, recommended that I get my own yaourtiere or "yogurt maker" so that I can make our own natural stuff at home and hence save some money and also panic less about what doesn't get eaten.

The process seems simple enough. Put 2 teaspoons of all ready made/bought natural yogurt in each pot, add some milk, put on the lids and then the cover. Simply turn on the machine and 8-9 hours later, TA DA! You've got yogurt.

So today, me and tribe have done just that.

We've mixed the pots, put on the lids, and turned on the machine. It's sitting there. Next to the coffee maker. Doing apparently nothing. It's not hot, it's not shaking, it's not singing "Hallelujah." (Hallelujah!) It's just there. Looking ever so pretty.

I'm sure we've screwed up somewhere.

I have a horrible feeling I've failed yet another attempt at becoming a domestic goddess.

"Typhon! Anouk! Abaka! TREAT!!"


magali said...

Your kids eat their yaourts the same way as my dad, I'm always impressed of how much sugar he can put in one yaourt.

Apparently home made yaourts are super easy, my parents bought a yaourtière not so long ago and love it... and you could try to sneak fruits in the yaourts or add some sirop for fun taste and colours !

Does your phone sing Halleluia too ?

RHB said...

Wait- I'm confused- you have to buy yogurt (yaourt nature) to put into the yogurt maker with milk? So now do they still add tons of sugar to it?