Thursday, July 2, 2009

Last Night, Chez Nous

8:30pm, FINALLY get all three big kids to bed after sips of water, trips to the potty and some very fun monster-under-the-bed smashing.

9pm, manage to get the Whoops to doze off in a milk induced sleep.

11pm, by this point, Hubster and I have finished dinner and our nightly ritual of watching the news and looking to see if we have any friends on Facebook. Wine bottle being empty, it's time for bed.

1am, Whoops needs milk. And like NOW.

1:45am, just as Whoops goes back to bed, Bubba-Love's legs start growing. Cue me fumbling around in the dark for the magic medicine and spilling half of it down his pyjamas. Nothing like sticking to your blankie is there?

2:15am, Anouk starts that strange bark she has that means, "I'm trying to tell you all that something's up." I have a sneaking suspicion that she really wants to be Lassie when she grows up.

2:22am, I'm outside in my sketchy pjs to see three huskies crowded around some sort of lump that is next to the basement door.

2:23am, I'm yelling to Hubster to come help me hold back the pack as I try to save the lump from certain death.

2:30am, I turn on the garden hose and like the best of riot police, keep the dogs away from the lump which has now been identified as a hedgehog.

2:40am, While Hubster gets the hedgehog to safety behind that nifty gate he put in a few months back, I'm strategically hosing down the dogs, the flowers, what could be grass, and my poor lavender bush. A song pops in my head and stays till dawn. Sing it with me, "gardening at night..."

2:45am, I turn off the hose and squelch barefoot through what I'm hoping was mud and not dog poop to get back into the house.

2:50am, Hubster and I collapse back in bed, safe in knowing that we've once again saved the world.

Needless to say, morning came early to us today. Amen for Hubster's super strong coffee. And bless that hedgehog, where ever he may be. I'm hoping he's holed up somewhere nice today. A good spot where he can recover from being used and abused as a football in the Husky World Cup.


magali said...

sounds like you need a night to get over your night :-)
Can you have a nap with Whoopsie today ?

kissmekaty said...

I don't think I have ever created such a story in an attempt to get permission for a nap! Naps rule!! xoxoxo

Dig said...

Naps are for woosies. ;) Or Whoopsies! LOL

Stephanie said...

I can so picture it all happening. I hope you all have a chance to rest and recover today.

RHB said...

Glad you saved the poor hedgehog and finally got to bed!