Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm Either Getting Old or Turning Republican

So there I am, driving along with the kids in the car, as you do when everyone has an activity that they have to do every week in different places and different times, listening to the radio. I'm lazily tapping my fingers on the wheel, humming along, listening to the funny lyrics of the current song when all of a sudden I realized just what the singer was saying.

I think the title of the song is something along the lines of "F-you very much" or something.

Quickly, panic strikes. Once again, I'm forced to decided if I need to make a big deal out of this or hope that little b-box Bubba-Love doesn't learn all the words before I can change the station. I decided my best option is to slyly turn down the sound and play a fabulous round of "Did You Just See the Pink Elephant?"


Until about 5 minutes later and ANOTHER song comes on with some sort of lyric about "Dance Mother F-er, Dance." At that point, radio's off and I'm searching for a decent CD at a stop light. Luckily, my hands fall on James Blunt so in it goes.

Is it just me or are those f-word lyrics just hard on the ears? I know a lot of French people know and love using English four-letter words, but when did these words become so common place? Or have they? I used to be able to sing all kinds of horrible songs back when I was young, so what gives now? And by ignoring these words now, am I setting my kids up for trouble later? Should I just explain how horrible a word it is, thereby taking the risk I'll be hearing it instead of "stupid" for the next five years? AGAGHGHAAA. Decisions, decisions!

At that moment, James starts to sing, "Your Beautiful," and the chorus in back is right with him word for word. Right with him when he gets to the part about being, "f-ing high."

No luck with "Spot the Elephant" this time.

"Mom," The Princess pipes up. "What's that mean, to be f-ing high?"

So I respond as any self-respecting mother trapped in a station wagon with 6 ears waiting patiently for a detailed response would do,

"I'm not sure, babe. Ask your Dad."


kissmekaty said...

ouch! xoxoxoxox

Kitty said...

Can't wait to see his response to that!

Kelly said...

We used to think it was so cool to sing the lyrics to "Leroy Brown" because it had the word damn in it (a very bad word in our house). The f-word is a whole different ball game...

hubster dave said...

Their Dad's response might be : I dont know, ask your mommy, SHE'S BEEN THERE !!!

RHB said...

you aren't old and you certainly aren't Republican, so maybe it's the Holy Spirit! :)

Dig said...

"Rocky Mountain High....Colorado!" Thanks, Mom! LOL