Thursday, July 23, 2009

Drinks Now Being Served on the Lido Deck

So I've spent the last week feeling like a passenger that got left behind on "The Love Boat." My head is swimming in circles, I'm tired, and I feel like I'm still having the lingering effects of too many of Ted's cocktails at the pool side bar.

I'm sure a lot of this is that fact that sleep doesn't seem to be happening in any large chunks right now and trying to deal with normal life isn't as easy as it could be. Since this wacked out feeling has been going on so long, I headed off to the doctor last night, just to be sure. He confirmed that I'm a mess, definitely dealing with exhaustion and, surprise, low blood pressure.

Low blood pressure? What the heck does that mean?

Well, it seems that my brain, body, and organs are not getting enough oxygen so I need to rest, rest, rest, and drink lots of fluids. I also went in for a blood test today to see if there is anything else going on chez moi that we need to know about. Hopefully, we'll have the results tomorrow.

So till then, my dear friends, pull up a deck chair and rest with me next to the pool. I'll order you a margarita while I sip in a nice glass of ice water and Gatorade. I just wish that Julie, the cruise director, would show up so we can send her off for some more tortilla chips and salsa.

And could someone do me a favour and ask Captain Stubing to stop letting the kids drive the boat?


magali said...

If you want to leave the kids behind and have a nice resting time chez moi, feel free: hop on a plane and you can be there tomorrow for a nice week-end!

Julie could also find you some nice eye candy and great conversation subjects ;-)

Take care, love you!

RHB said...

Wish I cold be there for you. Love you! Praying for you.

Kelly said...

Thinking about you and sending good thoughts your way. I hope everything is okay.


m-n-mcuties said...

I guess it could be could be on the Poop Deck! Hope you feel better soon!

kissmekaty said...

I have a couple of days vacation accumulated, if it helps any!!!! xoxoxoxo