Tuesday, July 28, 2009

At Least The Buffet Is Nice

Back in the days when I had no appreciation for my liver, living as I am currently would have been wonderful. Slightly dazed and confused, wondering where I put my house keys, my sole desire being a greasy breakfast served with a bottomless cup of coffee followed by a 10 hour nap with a malamute.

Now, it's like I'm still on that damn Love Boat, bobbing recklessly between rooms in my house, hoping not to crash into anything of value and praying like mad that I don't drop anymore wine glasses. Luckily, BVJC has taken over the role as cruise director and helped me to realize that a little champagne while enjoying a nice view can do wonders for one's morale.

She popped by yesterday to help christen the new wall Hubster has finally finished. Popping by being a slight exaggeration since she lives about an hour from us and has to pass every major grocery store, hospital, and school in the area to do so. Christening something chez nous is also a major exaggeration since the last time I celebrated a religious ceremony I lived in fear of bursting into flames at any given moment. But I digress...

Hubster and La Neighboure's husband worked like mad men for about 10 days to build this beautiful wall of stone between us. It was a massive undertaking and I'm just glad neither man was harmed or maimed in the experience. It's given us all a whole new appreciation of building with stone and I doubt Hubster will be tackling this kind of project again anytime soon. But it's done, it's lovely, and I'm ever so proud of him.

It was nice then yesterday afternoon to sit next to this wall that Hubster built, enjoying a glass of champagne knowing that here is as good a place as any to cast my anchor. I'm in a safe harbour where I can be exhausted and at peace at the same time.

Maybe I should invite old Sarko to come down and stay the B&B. Of course, he only fell over running, but as someone who also suffers from a highly stressful job, I feel a little stay with us might just do him some good.

Especially if that cruise director shows up with another bottle.


Diane said...

Really a photo of the completed wall would have been appropriate here.

Dig said...

Good things come to those who wait, Di.